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Objectives of the Organization

  • To foster socio-economic development gets rid of poverty alleviation.

  • To cooperate and enable the poorest masses to come under a united structural framework.

  • To ensure women’s and children’s rights in the society.

  • To ensure female participation in the socio-economic development efforts by providing them due organizational training so that their claim for justice and rights can properly be preserved.

  • To build rural women in such a manner so that they can grow with their own equitable duty and right-based consciousness.

  • To establish social justice and equal rights.

The vision of SUN Aid

The long-term vision of Sun-Aid is the empowerment of its target beneficiaries through finance education, health services training, and development programs ensuring the social and economic development of those who want to participate in everywhere of socio-economic development process meaningfully.

The mission of SUN Aid

The mission of SUN-Aid lies in providing technical & financial support enabling the target beneficiaries to involve themselves in various development programs for their sustainable development.

Main Activities of the organization

  • Group Formation

  • Training & Education (NFE)

  • Digital Farming

  • ICT Empowerment Development of Youth

  • Digital Advocacy

  • Skill Development Program

  • Empowerment program for Women and Income generating activities

  • Preschool and livelihood for hardcore children and their families

  • Health & Family Planning Program

  • Voter Education with constancy peoples

  • Street Children rehabilitation

  • Program for people with disabilities

  • Relief and Rehabilitation

  • Water and Sanitation Component

  • Arsenic Mitigation Component

  • Coastal green belt program

  • Environment Agriculture

  • SME Support Program

  • Fisheries Program

  • DRRR

  • Eradication of Hazardous Child Labor


  • Association of Development Agency in Bangladesh (ADAB)
  • Freshwater Action Network South Asia (FANSA)
  • Gender and Water Alliance (GWA) International
  • Forum for Regenerative Agriculture Movement (FORUM)
  • Bangladesh Shishu Adhikar Forum
  • STD HIV/AIDS Network of Bangladesh
  • Barisal NGO Coordination (BNC)
  • Credit Development Forum (CDF)
  • INAFI Asia
  • WBB Trust
  • Brothi Samothat
  • NC4
  • CSA for SUN
  • NAWG
  • GNDR – Global Network of Civil Society Organizations for Disaster Reduction
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