Awareness Program on HIV/AIDS

Name of senior professional staff (Project Director/Coordinator, Team Leader) Involved and Functions Performed: Md.Sabuj Khan. Team Leader- Program Planning, Monitoring, Evaluation, and Budget Preparation Supervision program, reporting monthly, monitoring of field staff, conduct group training and meeting and reporting process. etc.

Narrative description of Project: Awareness for safe health aware builds up about HIV /Aids.

Leaflet distribution, Courtyard meeting, Tea session were arrangement in order to awareness build up to mitigate the health save at the side of behaviour change. The slum people have their no proper knowledge about HIV/Aids accordingly to that Piact Bangladesh has taken program acute important to save the slum people through awareness build up.

Description of actual services provided by your Staff:
Those services were:

  • Survey for selection of Target peoples.
  • Expertise organiser appointed for promoting in order to behaviour change.
  • SHC (Slum Health Committee) formation and monthly meeting arrangement.
  • Logistics Materials distributed for successfully carry the awareness sessions.
  • Timely follow up and motivation to save health.
  • Monitoring, Evaluation and take necessary measure for revised plan.

Timely reported to concern NGO office in order to achievement the program

March 2023



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