Narrative description of Project: EHCLB(3 phase):- From 01-07-2012, this project was being implemented for 450 hazardous children in Barishal City Corporation.

General education was given between children of 10-14 years in Barishal City Corporation for 24 months and skill developments training for 6 months in different trades with the financing of the Ministry of Labor and Employment. Out of it there are Girls 265 and 185 Boys.

There were 30 Children who were taken general education by one teacher. Duration of the class was 3 hours. After the skill development training, 50 percent students got necessary instruments as support for their works. This project was implemented to stop child labor and increase social awareness to prevent it.

The organization was ensured the regular attendance of learners. Ensuring the proper roles & responsibilities of teachers & supervisors and maintaining quality teaching by teachers. Attendance sheet for student and teacher routine base maintained in field level and Supervisor were taken responsibilities to monitoring these documents. Supervisor were taken/recommend to take disciplinary action if found inconsistence.

Those services were:
·         Baseline survey
·         Establishment of Learning Centre
·         Orientation of CMC members
·         Recruitment of Teachers and Supervisors
·         Training of Teachers and Supervisors
·         Formation of CMC
·         Collection, Preparation, Procurement & Distribution of materials for learners
·         Organize monthly refresher meeting with teachers/supervisors
·         Monitoring and Evaluation & submitting the reports
·         Check reports collected by Supervisors
·         Ensure attendance of learners & quality teaching learning process
·         Submit the Statement of Expenditure (SOE)
·         Co-ordination activities
Consultants/NGO will ensure holding of regular meeting of CMC.

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