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How We Started

SUN Aid is a non-government organization, has been working for disadvantaged and hard-core poor people especially women and children development also emphasis on climate change affected activities. SUN Aid has been contributing its humanitarian services for Barisal districts in Bangladesh. SUN Aid has been operating it all activities on ICT, Digital Farming, Education, Health, Forestation, IGA, Water & Sanitation, Adaptation to climate change affects, Organizational capacity building, Gender equity, Training, Sustainable development for rights-based development and ensure of good governance in area basis for the socioeconomic development of the target community

Why Us

Bringing You New Life

SUN Aid established in 2001 to aware the deprived, neglected and unaware people especially destitute women and child. The main target of SUN Aid to make skill disadvantaged people and women self reliant and active through self-awareness


The long-term vision of Sun-Aid is empowerment of its target beneficiaries through Micro finance education, health services training and development programs ensuring social and economical development of those who want to part pate if everywhere of socio-economic development process meaningfully.


The mission of SUN-Aid lies in providing technical & financial supports enabling the target beneficiaries to involve themselves in various development programs for their sustainable development.

Legal Status of the Organization
  • SUN Aid development activities started on 1st July, 2001.
  • SUN Aid has been registered under the 1961 Ordinance by Bangladesh Social Service Department Reg: No. Bari – 943/02 dated 21/11/2002.
  • Youth Directorate, Bari:15/18 dated: 16-08-2018
  • TIN: 492233831514
  • Excise Duty Reg: no. 3061058956
  • Trade License no: 374/20

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